Smart Doll Vs Dollfie Dream


No, not a real fight!

One day Aoi was wearing Mirai’s default jeans and a friend said that Aoi looks better in them than Mirai. I was surprised with that determined opinion. Dolls certainly are different, different proportions and sizes that suits different tastes. Even among the Dollfie Dream are many options, and now with the Smart Doll we have a higher sweet variety.

Another friend surprised me when he said that my post about Mirai short jeans was very informative. It’s true, when you’re planning to make an online purchase you need the most information you could get. It happened to me, when I started the hobby I make some bad purchases.

So in this seccion I will be adding some reviews about Smart Doll Apparel on Dollfie Dream and how Smart Doll looks like in other apparel.

Hope this have some use for you ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞


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Smart Doll Short Jeans - Here our assistant Misaki-chan will help us to open the package (=^・・^=) Nuestra asistente Misakita nos ayudará a despe… abrir el paquete.

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