Hi my name is Jonathan

This blog is dedicated to my beloved japanese dolls. 60cm soft vinyl dolls elaborated in a very special way.

Aoi chan

Since infancy I was obsessed with human figure. I know I was supposed to play only with cars, trucks, weapons and stuff like that, and I did, but my cousin’s Barbies always caught my attention too.  I was so curious about what was under their clothes.^^

In the GI Joe era, I was completely frustrated. My dad didn’t believe in toys so I only managed to get one figure of an insignificant character. Only toys allowed was LEGO

While studying architecture, was easier for me to draw a female figure than the straight lines of a building. Thats why I always ended up with a crazy organic building that was even more difficult to draw.

This blog is made with the collaboration of my wife, Damycool, who encourage me to make it. The truth is that in the beginning she used to completely hate my dolls, she couldn’t understand why on earth I had to like dolls. But everything changed after our trip to Japan last year, to the point, that now she is planning to get a male BJD for herself ^^

Since this is my first blog, I invite you to join me in this new path along with discovering this atypical hobby that has changed so many things for me;  from the way I manage stress to the way I see future.

Let’s go

Morning light


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