Dollfie adventures, The Valley

One of the disadvantages if your work isn’t your passion any more is that you need breaks more often. And that involves getting out of this insufferable city.

Fortunately there are some good near places to do so.

One is a small town called El Valle de Antón. It’s located in the 6 km wide crater of a inactive volcano. It is only 600m above the sea but thats enough to have a cooler temperature than Panama city.

It’s not a place with a wild nightlife, is more a quiet place to meet nature, people goes to do hiking, horse riding and camping but there is a little market where you can buy some souvenirs too. There is also some thermal waters with some mineral properties.

We love to stay in the Hotel Campestre. It’s just a single pavilion building that doesn’t have any amenities but is placed in the best spot of the valley. And for a highly stressed guy like me, this is heaven.


This time Mirai, Melty and Sasara join as.


They were desperate to go out.

We didn’t do many sightseeing this time but we managed to visit the local zoo with Mirai and Melty.


This trip was some weeks ago and it was one of the first times I took courage to photograph the girls in public. It was a fun experience, people get very curious, but what surprised me the most was that the ones who came to ask questions was the guys; They say Mirai looks so real, I think they meant alive.


Mirai posing and posing, she loves to be photographed


this is the smart stand in action, very useful


wife also love to pose and be photographed XD


not like me, I’m too shy


Mirai wants to be in the photo with the iguana, but I didn’t focus well


Mirai makes friends with a Peacock

The zoo is not so big but it has some cute local wild animals, others not so cute and many plant species. Also has nice spots to take photos.


When we got back to the hotel, we found Sasara taking a walk around the yards.



2 thoughts on “Dollfie adventures, The Valley

  1. A wonderful calm location there, I like quiet places like this.
    These are nice outdoor pictures, the grass is good in case one doll is toppling over.
    On my last vacation last week it was just scary to take outdoor pictures, always feared the doll would hit the ground which consisted of sea mud, swamp or concrete hahaha

    lol you took 3 dolls with you!? friendly waifu probably helped with taking care of them 😉
    Mirai stole all attention from the people, poor Melty, she’s also cute ;D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ^^, I really like to go there, is so different from here in the city, would love to live in a place like that. It certainly is better a soft clean ground, even tho grass stains horribly, that’s why I found Mirai’s stand very useful. The problem are the other girls that doesn’t have it.

      Yeah now my wife help me a little, but she used to hate them before our trip to Japan, a mix of jealousy, fear and incomprehension LOL

      Mirai loves to steal the attention, probably because of her huge shiny eyes, but Melty also have her funs ^^


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